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All You Need to Know About BIR FORM 1601EQ


BIR FORM 1601EQ is a tax form used to remit all other forms of withholding taxes. Similar to Form 1601FQ, Form 1601-EQ can be used to remit taxes withheld for the third month of the quarter, in accordance with the provisions of the TRAIN Act.

Who must file it?
Any individual or non-individual who is considered a withholding agent and is required to withhold (and deduct) taxes paid to the agent on behalf of the taxpayer must use this form to remit creditable withheld taxes. If the agent required to withhold taxes is a corporation, the return must be filed under the name of the corporation and certified by the president, vice president or authorized officer and signed by the appointed treasurer/deputy treasurer.
When must it be filed?

Forms 1601EQ must be filed no later than the last day of the month following the end of the taxable quarter in which the tax deduction was made.


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